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The Complete Sod Services Long Island

Need sod services or Sod Installation near me in Long Island, NY?
We offer the most affordable sod installation services near Long Island. Our expert team specializes in new lawn installation, sodding landscaping, and sod replacement. Get your affordable sod installation cost per square foot in Long Island, NY. Contact us for professional ground preparation and resodding lawn services. Find trusted sod contractors near you for hassle-free sod pallet delivery and quality sod grass installation.

Large pallet of rolled turf ready for de

Sod Delivery

  • Convenient sod delivery to your location

  • Timely and reliable sod delivery

  • Delivery of fresh, high-quality sod

  • Efficient logistics for hassle-free delivery

Man laying grass turf rolls for new gard

Sod Installation 

  • Expert sod installation by skilled professionals

  • Proper preparation of the installation area

  • Precise and efficient sod installation techniques

  • Ensuring proper alignment and seamless integration

Gardener preparing land and applying tur
Sod Preparation
  • Site evaluation and soil analysis for optimal sod growth

  • Grading and leveling of the installation area

  • Soil amendment and fertilization for healthy sod establishment

  • Removal of debris and existing vegetation

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Sod Maintenance 
  • Regular watering and irrigation scheduling

  • Professional mowing and trimming services

  • Monitoring and adjustment of nutrient levels

  • Weed control and pest management

A worker installs a new head on an irrig
Sod Repair & and Replacement
  • Patching and repair of damaged or bare areas

  • Assessment and replacement of unhealthy sod patches

  • Identification and resolution of sod issues

  • Seamless integration of new sod with existing turf

Sod Options

Kentucky Blue
Kentucky Fescue
Tree services long island ny
Man plants a tree, hands with shovel digs the ground, nature, environment and ecology conc
Lawn Mower Services Long Island NY
 Hydroseeded Services Long Island NY

Snow Removal

About The Complete Sod Services Long Island

Transform Your Lawn with Our Sod Solutions

Introducing The Complete Sod Services Long Island, provided by Atlantis Pro Services Corp with unparalleled Sod Solutions on Long Island: Revolutionizing Lawn Care, from Start to Finish!

At Atlantis Pro Services Corp., we go above and beyond to provide a comprehensive range of sod services that sets us apart from the competition. While other companies may simply deliver sod, we offer an all-encompassing solution, ensuring that every aspect of your lawn's needs is fully met.

As the sole sod company in the region to offer an end-to-end service, we pride ourselves on sourcing fresh sod products exclusively from Long Island's esteemed greenhouses. Our commitment to quality begins with the selection of the finest sod available, guaranteeing a vibrant and healthy foundation for your lawn.

In addition to meticulously transporting sod pallets to your location, our expertise lies in preparing the land to ensure optimal installation. Our seasoned professionals are well-versed in soil preparation techniques, ensuring that your sod takes root seamlessly, resulting in a flourishing and enduring landscape.

But our dedication doesn't stop there. At Atlantis Pro Services Corp., we understand that the key to a truly remarkable lawn lies in ongoing care and maintenance. That's why we offer a wide range of landscaping services, including lawn maintenance, to keep your outdoor space looking pristine all year round.

By choosing The Complete Sod Services Long Island, you're not only investing in the highest level of expertise and craftsmanship, but you're also gaining access to a team of passionate professionals who genuinely care about your lawn's transformation. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and create a lush, green oasis that brings joy and tranquility to your everyday life.

Discover the Atlantis Pro Services Corp. difference and take the first step towards a more beautiful and vibrant outdoor space. Contact us today to embark on this extraordinary journey and experience unrivaled sod solutions like never before.


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