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Sod Installation Long Island NY, Hire a professional 
sod company with 20 years of experience delivering sod services in Long Island.  

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Q1: Why is it necessary to remove the old grass before laying sod? A1: Removing old grass ensures that new sod can establish strong roots without competing with existing grass, and it prevents potential weed and disease issues.

Q2: How should I prepare the soil before laying sod?

A2: To prepare the soil, use a garden rake to level the ground and break up large soil clumps effectively.

Q3: What is the best method for laying sod effectively?

A3: Lay sod in a staggered, brickwork-like pattern for the most efficient and even coverage.

Q4: How can I ensure the edges of the sod installation look neat and well-finished?

A4: Achieve clean, polished edges by using a sharp edging tool during the sod installation process.

Q5: What is the recommended watering schedule for newly laid sod?

A5: Ensure the success of your sod by watering it frequently, keeping the soil consistently moist, but avoid overwatering to prevent issues.

Q6: I have some shady areas in my lawn. What should I do to ensure the sod thrives in these spots?

A6: Promote healthy grass growth in shady areas by overseeding them with shade-tolerant grass seed to address the unique challenges presented by low light conditions.

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