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The Great Mowing Debate: Exploring the Effects of Cutting Grass Too Low on Sod in the State of NY

While cutting the grass too low can have some negative effects on sod, it is worth noting that there is a counter opinion regarding this issue. Some argue that cutting the grass low, also known as a close mow, can have benefits for the sod. Here are a few points to consider from the counter perspective:

1. Enhanced sunlight exposure: Cutting the grass low allows more sunlight to reach the soil surface, promoting better penetration and aiding in the growth of the lower grass blades. This can result in better overall grass health and density.

2. Weed suppression: A close mow can help suppress the growth of weeds by reducing their access to sunlight and resources. This can be particularly beneficial for maintaining a healthy sod.

3. Improved appearance: Some people prefer the look of a closely mowed lawn, as it can create a more manicured and tidy appearance.

It's important to note that opinions on this topic may vary among experts and lawn care professionals. It's always a good idea to consult with local experts or consider specific recommendations for the best practices in your region.

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