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Is it ok to step over sod? Can I walk over sod?

No, it's not ok, to step or walk over sod. Walking and stepping over sod can have some impact on its health, but the extent of the effect depends on various factors. Here are a few considerations:

1. Compaction: Frequent or heavy foot traffic on sod can lead to compaction of the soil, which reduces the soil's ability to hold water and nutrients. This can affect the overall health and root development of the grass.

2. Damage to roots: Stepping on sod can potentially damage the delicate root system of the grass, making it more susceptible to stress and disease. This is especially true when walking on sod that has recently been installed or is still establishing itself.

3. Wear and tear: Walking on sod can cause wear and tear, resulting in flattened or damaged grass blades. While some level of wear is inevitable, excessive or repeated walking on the same area can create brown spots or bare patches.

To minimize the impact on sod from foot traffic, it's generally recommended to avoid walking on newly installed sod for a few weeks to allow it to establish roots.

Additionally, spreading the foot traffic evenly across the lawn and avoiding concentrated use on specific areas can help reduce damage.

Regular maintenance practices like proper irrigation, fertilization, and aeration can also promote a healthy turf that is more resilient to walking and foot traffic.

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